CQA Test App Problem!

Hey there!

Your search for the solution to the problem you were searching all over the internet and googling it since time infinity is over! Yes,finally! What a sigh of relief!

I guess your phone is showing some or all of the following problems:

  1. Home button is not working.
  2. Recent apps button is not working.
  3. Lock screen does not appear.
  4. Notification drawer doesn’t get pulled down completely.
  5. Power button when pressed twice doesn’t open camera.(Specially in motorola phones which come with this feature).
  6. No incoming calls.

Before you implement any of my following suggested solutions ,I strongly recommend you to take backup of all what you require from your phone.

Taking Backup:

  1. You may sync your email id to your contacts and google photos .
  2. Upload selected folders to google drive/ Dropbox / any other convenient clod storage option.
  3. Uploading is a better option according to me because when you connect it to a PC, by default it is connected for ‘Charging Only’ (generally).But to transfer files to a PC  you need to select ‘File transfer option’/’Photo transfer option’/’Media transfer option’ from the menu.Now the catch comes here: The menu I am referring to comes from the dropdown of the notification drawer. Which is not possible on your phone at the moment! Oh! that’s a bad news! The only option left is to upload what all you need. Uploading takes time depending onyour wi-fi connection. So show patience.
  4. You can also connect your phone to a USB drive via an OTG (On The Go) cable and take backup into it.(Only if your device permits you to do so! 🙂 )
  5. Also you can move your data to the sd card which you have in your phone.This is the fastest process I have used.
  6. Or you can choose a trustworthy friend and transfer all the required data to his phone by using any file sharing app.(Xender is my favourite).Given he has enough free space in his phone.
  7. You can also use the above method to transfer you data to your computer.


  1. Try to disable/force stop/uninstall the cqa test app from Settings>Apps.
  2. Try to clear cache from your phone . To know how to do it please click>Wipe Cache Partition!
  3. Try to do a factory reset.
  4. Try to do a hard reset.To know how to do it please click>Hard Reset Your Android!
  5. Last and the hopeless> Go to you damn service center!! 😦 !!

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